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Summer Activities for Humanities Students that are Social-Distancing Approved

Summer is here, and with it brings a wealth of opportunity to learn, try new things, and explore your interests in greater depth. It can feel a bit overwhelming at first, trying to decide how to spend one’s time over the summer; and without direction, one can easily find themselves developing a less than savory Animal Crossing or Fortnite addiction. We at Empowerly, as graduates of some of the top universities across the nation, have been there, done that—and we are here to give you some inside knowledge as to how you can make your summer meaningful and fun. 

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Business & Economics

Community Service For Students Interested in Social Sciences

Volunteering in your community is a great way to give back, learn new skills, establish a professional network, and demonstrate responsibility. It’s also a way to further explore and test whether you want to pursue a career in areas that currently interest you. For students interested in the social sciences, there are several types of community service opportunities that you can explore. 

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Humanities & Social Science

Getting Accepted into UC Berkeley’s Global Management Program

UC Berkeley is a large public research university in California’s Bay Area, and last year, its Haas School of Business debuted its Global Management Program (GMP). I’ve always been passionate about using my skills and resources to make an international social impact, so GMP seemed tailor-made for me.

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Arts (Fine & Performing)

Mock Trial 101

Mock Trial is one of few extracurricular activities that is an actual play-by-play simulation of a real-world scenario. From top to bottom, it’s a complete reenactment of a court case within a real court room and mimics the many facets that make up the legal system. 

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Business & Economics

Model United Nations

During high school, students are often given a wide variety of clubs to participate in. From varsity sports to student body, there is a plethora of options that high school students can indulge themselves to try and stand out to college admissions.

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icra iflas piled book
Choosing a Major

Interesting College Majors Part 3: Social Justice Majors

Americans, especially young Americans, are becoming more active in social justice movements, and this kind of activism can translate into a major and therefore, a career. Some students may be surprised to hear that they can major in something that supports their activism. However, a number of colleges offer unique social majors that can help you change the world.

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