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woman in gray sweater holding a book
Arts (Fine & Performing)

Book Club: Light Reading for High Schoolers

Regardless of whether you’re pursuing a career in STEM, social sciences, or the arts it is important to continue your growth in literacy. In previous book club posts, we’ve talked about how reading can act as a calm space in the craziness of college preparation, as well as develop your writing and creative thinking skills. In addition to these outstanding literacy benefits, reading regularly can provide you with new experiences, perspectives, and life lessons that will help you become a more well-rounded student and individual. With that said, here are few reads to add to your spring reading list:

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Computer Science

Community Service For Students Interested In STEM

Are you looking for community service opportunities that relate to STEM? If you’re headed on the STEM track, you should look for volunteer opportunities that allow you to practice and provide your expertise in science, technology, engineering or math.

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book and cup of coffee on the bed
Arts (Fine & Performing)

Book Club: Reading for College Readiness

As promised, we are back with our book recommendations for February! If you missed our first post in January, we talked about the positive impact a love for reading can have on college readiness.

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