5 Best Summer Jobs for High Schoolers

For many students who haven’t secured an academic internship or a research position, it can be difficult to find a way to spend the summer that will turn admissions’ heads when it’s time to apply for college. Here is a helpful list of great summer jobs that can help boost an application to the ‘yes’ pile. 

  1. Participate in a Specialized Summer Program. These programs are a great opportunity for students to not only get a taste of college life, but also to explore a future career and gain leadership skills. For example, at MIT Launch, students learn how to start companies, and students at UCLA’s Mock Trial Summer Institute train in public speaking and learn how attorneys prepare a case for trial. The National Student Leadership Conference bring in guest speakers and provide hands on experience at campuses like Harvard Medical School and Georgia Tech.
  2. Be a Camp Counselor. This job will help show that you are a natural leader and educator, as well as giving you the opportunity to spend time outdoors and mentor younger kids. Being a camp counselor also helps develop leadership qualities, communication, and conflict resolution skills. Moreover, because this job also often requires students to stay away from home, it also helps develop independence as you transition into college.
  3. Work for a Non-Profit. Helping out a non-profit also shows that you are a devoted member of the community, especially if it isn’t a school requirement. Moreover, organizing certain projects and events also shows dedication, leadership, and initiative.
  4. Tutoring. This summer job is a great opportunity to show that you know your subject well and enhance your understanding of a given subject. Moreover, tutoring allows you to set your own hours, which gives you more opportunity to do other extracurriculars as well.
  5. Work in Retail. Retail and other service-related positions are typically fast-paced and require multitasking. A social and positive attitude as the face of a restaurant or retail store speaks volumes about a student’s personality and commitment to customer service. Additionally, employees also often are in charge of inventory and merchandise and/or the cash register. These are big and important responsibilities that show you are ready to take on the demands of college life.

All in all, there are a wide variety of summer jobs that can leverage your resume, but the key is to apply yourself and absorb as much information as possible.

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