Day: April 12, 2017

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11th Grade

How to Shine When Excellence is the Norm

There’s no doubt we live in interesting times. College has become more and more popular among young adults with each passing year, and the process of being accepted into a good college is as competitive and cutthroat as ever. With increasing competition comes increasing demands on high school students — higher grades, better test scores, more awards and activities, and so on.

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AP or IB: Why You Need to Look At Credit Policies

AP or IB? A perennial question that strikes both students and parents with confusion. It makes sense given that in order to attend any well regarded higher institution, not just elite colleges, it’s necessary these days for students to demonstrate their academic caliber through not only stellar grades, but also rigorous courses. Most high schools offer AP and/or IB courses but many parents are confused about which track is better.  

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