Day: March 9, 2017

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Choosing a Major

Backing Out of a Major Once In College Isn’t As Easy You Think

In high school, you may find that deciding what you want to do when you grow up (or even deciding on a general career area) is really tough, and that’s perfectly okay. Plenty of students are in the same boat; an article by Fermin Leal of quotes a study by YouthTruth, which found, “…46% [of students] said schools have helped them figure out which careers match their interests and abilities”, meaning a whopping 54% weren’t sure about what they wanted to do (the study was conducted over many years, and targeted juniors and seniors in high school). This makes it seem like not knowing your college major while in high school isn’t too big a deal because so many others share the same problem, but make sure you know the implications of being indecisive because the stakes can be significant.

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Student Wellness

Why Being Authentic, Not Competitive, Could Be Your Ticket To A Top College

There’s no question about it — high-tier colleges get more and more selective each year. Schools select from the best applicants, more students strive to be the best, schools select even higher-quality applicants, and the deadly cycle continues, creating an environment where top-notch schools admit tiny fractions of tens of thousands of students.

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