Day: February 3, 2017

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12th Grade

Should I Enroll in a Pre-College Program?

Whether you enroll in a pre-college program is a very personal decision; there isn’t a simple “right answer.” While these can offer a great opportunity to learn and grow in a collegiate environment, they aren’t the right choice for all students.

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Business & Economics

Popular Majors for Business School Students

With the invention of the internet and, in turn, the number of websites that can help you crowdsource or start new companies, it seems like new businesses are starting all the time. While the success or failure of a business may seem completely random to an outsider, business school can give you a leg up in terms of your success. So then what can give you a leg up when it comes your odds of acceptance to a top business school? Your undergraduate major. Learn how to select the best major for you to apply to business school later.

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