Day: May 4, 2016

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Data Trends

Changes in College Admissions and How They Affect You

College admissions changes every year and staying up to date is critical in order to be successful in the admissions process. At Empowerly we have helped thousands of students navigate the process for the past several years and have noticed some trends that will be useful for students and parents in high school today. In this article, we will review changes to the application process and to the financial aid process.

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Choosing a Major

How to Pick a College: Part 2 Choosing By Major

Think of academic study in college as an opportunity to refine a skillset. At Empowerly, we ask our student what problem they want to solve and which skills they’ll need to address it. Choosing a major is the first step and should always serve as part of an academic plan. Your college decision should be based on the overall tools and resources a university offers. Hopefully you have a tentative idea that can be easily explained.

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